digital photo restoration

Digital Printing & Photo Restoration

Breathe New Life Into Old Photos!

Do you have an old, faded, torn or stained photo that you would love to ‘make new’? We can fix old or damaged prints by having them scanned, digitally restored and reprinted. Your old family photos can return to their former glory, printed in color or black & white, on canvas or photo paper. Whether your photos or documents have deteriorated over time, have been accidentally torn, bent, or were damaged, our restoration wizards can make them look better than new! We’ll talk to you about your project, see exactly what we’ll be working on with you and then provide a quote of what the cost and time frame will be to complete your project. We all have a closet full of family photo albums that no one looks at, or a shoebox stuffed with memories under our bed. Why not turn those old photos into new memories?

Photo Consultation

Bring your photos in to our gallery. We can discuss the editing and printing services that we offer and what would work best with your photos.

Digital Scanning

We’ll scan your photos and turn them into digital files. Originals are left as-is and intact. The digital version of your photo can be edited or printed.

Photo Restoration

Your scanned photo will be digitally repaired and restored. We can make simple edits like cropping, or correct extensive damage like fading or tears.


The restored photo can be digitally printed on photo paper or canvas. We can even help you frame the finished piece!


  • Color Restoration
  • Background Removal
  • Fading
  • Color Shift
  • Lost Detail
  • Physical Damage
  • New Surroundings
  • Removing Mold Spots
  • Repairing Cracks & Tears
  • Eliminating Stains

Scroll through these before & after photos to see what a difference restoration makes!

Photo Restoration FAQ

How does the process work?

  1. Bring your original photo or document to either location.
  2. Our restoration pro will perform a high resolution scan and evaluation of your image to determine key problem areas which can be corrected.
  3. We will discuss with you options (at different price points) that we can pursue towards restoring your image so you can make an informed decision.
  4. Based on your needs and budget, you decide how extensively you would like us to restore your photo or document.
  5. Your project is put in process with our in house restoration pro. Photo and document restoration tends to be meticulous work, and we take the time needed to do the job right – one image at a time.
  6. Once your restoration is completed, choose how you would like your final restored photo printed. We offer a wide range of print and media options.  The digital file of your restored photograph is archived on our computer system and can be accessed anytime.
  7. Your beautifully restored document or photograph deserves an exceptional custom frame. We work with you to create the perfect frame design that will preserve your photo/document and provide you with many years of enjoyment.
  8. Share your beautiful restored images with family and friends. Consider printing some extra copies of your photos to put into photo frames for special gifts. FD has an beautiful selection of unique photo frames in all price ranges. We can even provide you with conservation glass and backing.

What can be restored?

Through high resolution scanning and the latest photo editing software, our restoration pros can repair scratches, creases, tears, stains, mold, water damage, burns, faded color, writing, drawing, or virtually any other kind of damage that a photograph or document can endure. Often times, we can even recreate parts of a photo that are completely missing – like magic!

How much does it cost?

Because every photo/ document is unique, we can only give you a fair price estimate after evaluating a high resolution scan of your image. All of our restoration and retouching work is considered “conservation quality.” We don’t use any automatic settings or gimmicks as would your corner drug store or discount big box. Our restoration experts use the latest professional editing software to  manually restore and reproduce the quality and characteristics of your original image without losing detail – one image at a time.

Do you keep my original?

Our restoration pro will perform a high resolution scan and evaluation of your image to determine key problem areas which can be corrected. All of our services are performed on-site, which means your project is safe with us. Once your piece is digitally restored and reprinted, the new photo / document can be proudly displayed while your untouched  original can be safely stored away for prosperity.

Digital Printing & Imaging

At Frame Dimensions we do much more than frame your art, we help you create your own art from your favorite digital photos! We offer a wide variety of digital printing services using state of the art technology and equipment. Contact us today to get started with your printing project.

  • Paper or Canvas – Frame Dimensions can print on a variety of media including photo paper and canvas options. Photo paper comes in gloss or satin finish, perfect for vivid color and high resolution prints from your favorite photographs. Printing your photos on canvas will give your special images an extra special touch. We only use premium canvas specifically made for high-quality image fidelity and bright, vivid colors. Our material has a tight weave texture and stretches beautifully.

  • Photo Prints – Display the wonderful memories of your vacation by letting us print and frame your best images from your cell phone, flash drive or SD card. We print in standard and custom sizes, on glass or matte photo paper. From small album photos to huge panoramics that stretch across an entire wall, you will be truly amazed at the quality of your prints.

  • Editing – Our professionals can digitally enhance and enlarge your photos, fix tears, adjust colors, and restore fading prints. Our restoration process is based on the latest digital technology, state of the art equipment and years of experience and expertise. Our restoration wizards can make your prints look as good as – often better than – new!

  • Poster Collage – Do you have lots of photos you’d like to display in one poster? We can take your images and/or scan your photos to create a special collage poster.  It’s a great way to decorate for a special occasion or event like a birthday, wedding, or retirement.

  • Large Format – Our high resolution wide format printer can handle media up to 44” wide. We have printed everything from posters for a travel industry trade show to large architectural renderings for a real estate developer. Often we mount and trim these images so they are ready for display on an easel.

  • Businesses – We offer design and printing services to businesses and professionals. Our pros can work with you to design, print and frame custom images and posters to advertise your products or promote your business. Our high resolution wide format printer can handle media up to 44” wide.

  • Mat Printing – We can print directly on to the matting you use in your custom framing projects. Captions, decorations and title blocks can be added for that very special custom touch.

  • Send Your Files Digitally – Don’t have time to come by or  live out of state?  No worries – you can email us your files or we can get them through our dropbox account. We will print your photos and ship them to you – as quick as overnight if needed!