Art & Frame Restoration

We Fix Damaged Artwork & Frame Mouldings

art & frame restoration

Frame Dimensions offers a number of art restoration services, all performed on the premises, fully insured, guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

Frame Dimensions offers a full spectrum of fine art and frame restoration services. Our Master restorer has over 35 years of experience bringing back the original beauty of thousands of treasured paintings and heirloom frames. Whether your art and frames need a basic maintenance cleaning or complex restoration, we treat your keepsakes as if they were our own. If you have artwork or frames that suffered the ravages of time or a misfortune give us a call to find out what we can do for you to restore their original splendor.

  •  We’ve restored over 3,000 spectacular projects!

Art Restoration: Most paintings brought to us for repair or restoration have a history that is very personal and sentimental.  We take great care throughout the restoration process, knowing how much your artwork means to you and your family. Most oil paintings have had several coats of varnish applied over the years. This varnish will darken over time and combine with decades of smoke and grime resulting in a painting that has become dark and obscured. Many paintings come to us that have been damaged by untrained persons attempting to clean it. Our experts will painstakingly remove the old varnish, patch any holes and paint any areas with damage or missing paint. In most cases our restoration work cannot be detected in the finished painting. A new coat of varnish is applied to enhance and protect your art for many more years of enjoyment. We are able to restore a variety of artworks including oils and acrylics on canvas or board, watercolors, etchings and other paper art.

Frame Restoration: The repair and restoration of antique and contemporary frames is a very specialized skill that is an art form in itself.  Every frame has a story to tell. We have rescued many beautiful frames that were on their way to the trash. A frame restoration may include repairing a broken corner or ornament or a complete frame rebuilding including rejoining, casting, carving, sanding, gilding and finishing. We do as much or as little as it will take to restore a frame that is perfect for you.

Before, During & After

Scroll these photos to see what a difference proper restoration makes!

Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings

On Canvas or Board

  • Neutralizing, cleaning and removal of surface dirt, stains, wall paint, smoke, etc.
  • Removal of old linseed oil and yellowing varnishes.
  • Removal of improperly over-painted and unprofessionally repaired paintings.
  • Restoration & repairs to badly cracked or blistered paintings.
  • Lining or adding a new canvas backing to torn or damaged paintings.
  • Repairing of holes, tears, dents, scrapes, scratches and flaking paint.
  • Filling and repainting missing areas and badly damaged areas, (exact color and brush stroke matching).
  • Re-stretching and tightening of loose canvases.
  • Replacement of damaged or broken stretcher bars.
  • Final varnishing and drying.

Watercolors, Serigraphs, Etchings, Engravings

& Other Paper Art

  • Neutralization of acidity in the art’s paper.
  • Archival conservation mounting of art on proper archival backing.
  • Repairing of holes, scrapes, cuts, paper punctures and dents.
  • Removal of dirt, and other soiling.
  • Repainting and restoration of the art image.
  • Repair and Air brushing on damaged antique sepia photos.
  • Archival Conservation framing with ultra violet protective glazing.

Antique & Contemporary Frames

Period Frame Reproductions

  • Corner repair, re-gluing, and closing.
  • Replace missing ornamentation, casting new, or carving to match.
  • Repair of cracked or broken plaster.
  • Touch up of missing gold leaf.
  • Full re-gilding (oil sizing or water gild 23k gold).
  • Refinishing of natural wood frames.
  • Extensive selection of hand made museum quality reproduction period frames.
 If you have artwork or framing that is in need of repair, Frame Dimensions can help stabilize the damage, give you an estimate on restoration, and start the process of restoring your precious artwork. Give us a call!