Client Testimonials

Framing Tells A Story – What’s Yours?

Over 8,000 thrilled customers have framed with us – here are a few real stories from real clients.
  • “This is the place to go if you want it done right.”

    Chris S.

  • “My husband is a long time Bruins fan. I bought the jersey (Bergeron #3) from the 2011 Stanley Cup Championships for Chris for our 11th wedding anniversary. This is the 6th piece that I have framed at Frame Dimensions. They always go above and beyond with their attention to detail and customer service. We will be back soon with a hat from Peru that needs framing.”

    Anjenette C.

  • “The picture is from our 40th anniversary trip to Scotland. “The Kelpies” are 100 feet tall. They are mythical beings than take the form of horses on land. Frame Dimensions does meticulous work, always on time and a friendly knowledgeable staff.”

    Mike C.

  • “This an icon of my childhood. Frame Dimensions has awesome service, great people.”

    Susan K.

  • “Time to decorate my office with the work I’m most proud of! Frame Dimensions was a great experience.”

    Neely L.

  • “I got the print of butterflies at a tag sale for my grand daughters room. Frame Dimensions does amazing work. They brought my piece back to life.”

    Kathy M.

  • “The piece is for my friend who had a tough pregnancy. Frame Dimensions went above and beyond my expectations. A beautiful job and excellent customer service. I will be back again.”

    Nick R.

  • “Family aviation memorabilia.”

    Damian S.

  • “The piece is for my kids bathroom – something funky and fun from a favorite place. Frame Dimensions is the only place in town I’d go to have anything done. Simple.”

    Scott V.

  • “I picked up two pieces today. One, a photo by my daughter that won an award at the Durham Fair and this one. It is a Christmas gift for my daughter, I framed some photos of my daughter’s children and herself. Frame Dimensions work is excellent, not only a professional expert framing job. When you go there their opinions and suggestions for getting a fabulous product are invaluable. I have been going there for years and have never been disappointed.”

    Teresa C.

  • “I am framing this as a Christmas gift for my son – he’s going to just love it! Frame Dimensions offered me so many options for framing and each of them made the print itself have a different feeling. We decided on a mat and frame and it is simply perfect!”

    Lorna S.

  • “My girlfriend loves her dog and had this portrait done. Frame Dimensions is the best shop in Connecticut. The owner is the best!”

    David S.


  • “I wanted to show off my print. Excellent consulting about the frame, I love the result. It looks fantastic.”

    Frank A.

  • “The piece is for display in my home. Frame Dimensions is outstanding. They always do an excellent job. They are very patient and careful. Wonderful to work with.”

    Eric B.

  • “We framed these family photos to display in our home. The staff at Frame Dimensions was very easy to work with and very helpful for the customer! Especially when you have no idea what or how you want it to look.”

    Colleen O.

  • “It is memento of a trip we did to a Thailand Elephant Refuge. Frame Dimensions is the #1 framer in Connecticut!”

    Janet J.

  • “The framing exceeded our expectations. Susan created a framing concept that enhanced our piece in new ways.”

    Ann & Bill C.

  • “This piece was one of many that I brought back from the Paralympic Games that I wanted to display and show my pride for my country and my achievements as a Paralympian.

    I could not be happier with the way Frame Dimensions made the display for this piece and I will be returning in the future with more memorabilia.”

    Steve E.

  • “We frame this piece to commemorate or memories and art.

    The Frame Dimensions staff are easy to work with, knowledgeable and accommodating.”

    David and Justine H.

  • “The Jersey is a retirement gift to a friend.

    Frame Dimensions did great work! Very fast! Delivered just as expected!”

    Damian L.

  • “This blueprint of our house was created by my late Father-in Law and we thought that displaying it in our home would be a perfect way to honor his memory.

    Frame Dimensions worked with me to find the perfect frame for this piece. They truly care about what they do, and take pride in their work.”

    Lisa M.

  • “My family came from South Orange New Jersey and this painting was done by a local artist in the 1940’s. My mother remembers meeting her future Mother-in-Law with this picture in the background and I remember always admiring it as a child.We wanted to restore the painting in honor of our families heritage. We love the natural setting and vibrant colors. Thank you Frame Dimensions for helping us reclaim this family heirloom. We are very happy with the finished product.”

    Connie G.

  • “The article appeared in the Norwegian “Woman’s Magazine” in 1969. I wanted to preserve it for my son who is in the photo with his cousin Jon. The article details a special Tuna Casserole – American Style”. My husband and I built a home in Oslo where we lived over a decade.

    I absolutely love Frame Dimensions.They are always on point with suggestions, ideas and creativity. I am appreciative of all their love and concern when it comes to “making memories’.”

    Mary Flo C.

  • “After being in storage for a while we decided we needed to enjoy it.

    Frame Dimensions did a great job.”

    Barbra S.

  • “The piece is a memory of a purchase from my parents. An attic treasure.

    Frame Dimensions has customer service and workmanship. They helped me pick out just the right frame to go with the Monet print – very lovely.”

    Kathy M.

  • “We framed this to commemorate an adventure in the Bermuda Triangle.

    Frame Dimensions did a great job. They great ideas for design and great attention to detail.”

    Doug D.

  • “I wanted to frame this piece to enhance and preserve its beauty.

    Susan, Joe and their entire staff give every piece of artwork their undivided attention to insure that it is framed in a manner that accentuates the art to its full beauty.”

    Robert B.

  • “We chose to frame the photograph because of the wonderful memory it holds for us. The beauty of this piece is not just the church but the contrast of colors that make it an eye catching piece.

    We have had several pieces designed with Frame Dimensions. Their artistic talent and quality are second to none!”

    Rose C.

  • “The framing exceeded our expectations. Susan created a framing concept that enhanced our piece in new ways.”

    Ann & William C.

  • “I framed this to preserve such a wonderful picture of Victoria and her family.

    Frame Dimensions does excellent work and the designers have the ability to help you choose just the right frame.”

    Howard M.