Client Testimonials

Framing Tells A Story – What’s Yours?

Over 8,000 thrilled customers have framed with us – here are a few real stories from real clients.
  • “The piece was a special gift for or son’s 40th birthday. Frame Dimensions has remarkable people, uniquely gifted. You can trust them with life’s most precious moments. They have an uncanny knack for finding that special quality that you see – capture it’s essence and return them to you transformed into timeless moments.”

    Janeace S.

  • “The print was a bequest from my late wife’s Great Grandmother. Joe and Susan are so creative and artistic with framing as the artist is with the work of art itself.”

    Alberto C.

  • “Charlie and Alex just love their Edleman Jerseys. Great job.”

    Sheryl L.

  • “It was a trip of a lifetime, our honeymoon to Spain. I wanted to keep it as colorful as the pictures in my memory. Susan is a very special person, with a lot of attention to detail. Very professional and friendly. I always bring my pieces to Frame Dimensions because I know I’m in good hands.”

    Claudia K.

  • “My Great, Great Aunt Mabel made this piece in the late 1800’s. It was time to keep it safe and know we can pass it along in the future.Frame Dimensions has great friendly, easy service and they care about your work.”

    David H.

  • “The art is a special gift from a former patient. I Wanted to frame it to be put up in my office. Wonderful service! I appreciate the guidance with regards to selection the best way to highlight each piece. I am thrilled with how each piece came out. They will be hung with pride.”

     Jessica C.

  • “I am entering my art in Fall fairs and the art needed to be custom framed. They are all a unique size. Frame Dimensions has good hours and are open late. The service is quick and the finished product looks beautiful.”

    Lindsay P.

  • “My old frame was so badly damaged I had to do something. Frame Dimensions is the best!! They elevated my watercolor to a piece of precious art.”

    Marna W.

  • “I recently returned from a trip to the American Southwest and loved the artwork and serenity of the region. Frame Dimensions was very helpful and reasonable.”

    Nancy B.

  • “This is a painting of my Father-In-Law, Husband, other family members and friends. They all raced Homing Pigeons for years. The picture depicts a typical Friday night… shipping Racing Pigeons. It was painted by the ever talented Holly Whiting and it is a true treasure. This place is amazing. Frame Dimensions did an excellent job custom designing and building a frame that made our masterpiece look even more amazing!”

    Kate S.

  • “I wanted to bring some life back into this old triptych and be happy to display it in my home. Frame Dimensions worked with me to get it just right! From frame to size to mat… A+ in my book.”

    Thomas P.

  • “Frame Dimensions was very patient and helpful choosing the prefect frame to accent and preserve my pastel.”

    Jean R.

  • “I loved the poem so I saved it. I found the feather out walking and knew I had to frame them.

    The only place to go for frames. It’s like an addiction… to tack it to a bulletin board is just not the same.”

    Jan H.

  • “This piece is for my dining room.

    Frame Dimensions is outstanding. I have been having my art framed here for many years. They do an amazing job and are wonderful to work with.”

    Eric B.

  • “This picture was done as an art project by Courtney Sinder, who passed away in 2011. it will be a gift for Courtney’s new niece.

    Great service, great art design – wonderful people.


    Kendra Z.

  • I saw these 3 unique prints and thought they would look great framed together using a unique frame that was complimentary.

    Frame Dimensions is amazing! They helped with the creative process and choosing a unique mat and frame!

    Ana D.

  • “Charles Calvin Carpenter, my Grandfather, created this cross stich piece in 1893 when he was 14 years old. It was a school project at the Gibson School in Dorchester Massachusetts. This is a true treasure for me – a remembrance of my sweet ‘Gramps’. Frame Dimensions is the place I trusted to frame this piece to preserve it properly

    Joan C.

  • “We gave or car to our son-In-law. My wife thought all her bumper stickers were lost forever. I rescued  and brought them to Frame Dimensions as a gift to my wife. The collage came out better than I ever imagined. Great job Frame Dimensions!”


    Michael B.

  • “It is a commissioned piece from the Author/Illustrator of Wish – A journey of a family in waiting. The time spent perfecting the frame was wonderful. They helped create the vision and truly captured the whimsy and sophistication of the piece. Thank you!!”


    Jason and Julia M.

  • “I found it in the attic. I love sailboats and the colors are interesting. It needed an update, now it has come back to life.

    Wonderful – best frame shop I know of.”


    Alberto C.

  • “The painting originally came in a frame we didn’t like. No better place to get quality framing with exceptional service.”


    Claudia O.

  • “It is a collage made from the robes and stoles my parents wore as Presbyterian ministers.

    My house is full of work done by Frame Dimensions. They’re creative, thoughtful, collaborative and, when necessary, budget conscious!”


    Christine F.

  • “This is a piece that was given to us by a family member. It is so special to see a city [Shanghai Oct 1945] that today would be unrecognizable. The customer service at Frame Dimensions is excellent.”


    Stephen D.

  • “The coins are a special gift for a special person. Frame Dimensions went above and beyond to help me with the many choices involved in framing this piece and their advice was invaluable. I am so pleased with the end result. It came out better than I expected – although the focus is the coins, the piece itself is a work of art due to the colors and textures Susan helped me to select.”

    Linda R.

  • “The paintings are from a recent trip to India and I wanted to display them in a special frame.

    Frame Dimensions does incredible work! They offer excellent framing choices and designs.

    They are always patient with me. A joy to work with.”


    Phillip A.