Insurance Recovery & Restoration

Natural disasters & Accidents Happen. We Can Help!

If you have experienced fire and/or water damage to your art or frames it is important that you take immediate action and
We are ready to respond and will take it from there.

Frame Dimensions specializes in the cleaning, repair and restoration of art and frames that have been damaged by natural disasters or accidents. We are dedicated to helping our clients recover and restore their treasured art and frames. We provide art handling, remediation, transport, evaluation, storage and complete restoration services. Fires, puff backs, water leaks and other household accidents are the most common but can still cause major damage to your cherished artwork, photographs and frames.

In a typical day at our Manchester custom framing and restoration studio, we work with all types of natural disaster and accident damage one might encounter, such as smoke, fire, soot, odor, water, fungus, mildew, punctures, rips, scratches, discoloration, and broken frames and glass just to name a few! We have completed many extraordinary restorations (originally thought impossible) of art and frames for our clients.  After a devastating loss, it is a proud moment for our team when we are able to exceed a client’s expectations by saving a cherished painting or wedding portrait. Clients are invited to visit our studio and view the progress of restoration projects they have entrusted to us.

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What’s The Process?

  •  Call Us Immediately

    If you have experienced fire and/or water damage to your fine art and frames it is likely that you are also dealing with other damage and destruction. Most of us are unprepared and overwhelmed living through such misfortune. It is important for you to call us as soon as possible so that we can respond quickly to mitigate further damage. We understand the shock and emotional distress of seeing your treasured Art and frames damaged. Our dedicated professionals are committed to helping our clients save their memories, heritage and fine art investments.

  • On The Scene

    After a disaster occurs our team will arrive at the scene and first triage your damaged art and frames to determine if anything needs immediate on the spot attention. We will take digital photos at the scene to help detail the loss. It is most important to then get the items out of the damaged environment as quickly as possible. We come prepared to safely handle and package your damaged art and frames for transport back to our Manchester facility without further damage.

  • Fixing Immediate Issues

    Once your keepsake art and frames are safely in our shop we will unfit all of your artwork from their frames. At this point we will address any immediate issues such as drying water damaged items and quarantining moldy items. Art exposed to smoke will go thought an ionization process to safely neutralize odors.

  • Insurance Claim Process

    At the same time one of our team members will call you to collect all of the needed information for your insurance carrier and agent. We will then initiate the claim process by contacting your insurance company claims division and/or agent. We have experience working with all of the major insurance companies in our area. Filing an insurance claim is no fun.  We try to do as much of the work for you and make the remediation process as easy as possible for you. Of course we will keep you updated and informed through every step of your job.

  • Restoration Quote

    After stabilization of your art and frames we will provide a written estimate detailing our recommendations to restoring your items back to original condition. We do charge for evaluation and write up and always get payment approval from your insurance carrier before proceeding. Once we receive authorization from your insurance carrier we will proceed with the agreed upon restoration work and reframing as specified.

  • Delivery & Installation

    Once your job is complete we will invite you to our Manchester facility for final inspection and approval. We will settle the finances with you or your insurance company and then make arrangements to proudly deliver your beautifully restored art and frames. Most insurance companies will also pay for us to install your art.  We will always advocate on your behalf.

  • Storage

    Often times your art and frame restoration work is completed before your home or office damage repairs are finished. No worries – in these cases we will safely store and care for your items until you are ready for your art and frames to come home.

Art & Frame Restoration Services for Natural Disasters and Accidents

Original Oils and Acrylics on canvas or board

  • Neutralizing, cleaning and removal of surface dirt, stains, wall paint, smoke, etc.
  • Removal of Mildew, Moisture and Water Damage related problems
  • Fungus and Pet related damage issues
  • Removal of old linseed oil and yellowing varnishes.
  • Removal of improperly over-painted and unprofessionally repaired paintings.
  • Restoration & repairs on badly cracked or blistered paintings.
  • Lining or adding new canvas backings to torn or damaged paintings.
  • Repairing of holes, tears, dents, scrapes, scratches and flaking paint.
  • Filling and repainting missing areas and badly damaged areas, (exact color and brush stroke matching).
  • Re-stretching and tightening of loose canvases.
  • Replacement of damaged or broken stretcher bars.
  • Final varnishing and drying.

Watercolors, Serigraphs, Etchings, Engravings, and other paper art

  • Neutralization of acidity in the art’s paper.
  • Archival conservation mounting of art on proper archival backing.
  • Repairing of holes, tears, scrapes, cuts, paper punctures and dents.
  • Removal of dirt, and other soiling.
  • Treatment of Mildew, Moisture and Water damage related problems
  • Fungus and pet related damage
  • Repainting and restoration of the art image.
  • Archival Conservation framing with ultra violet protective glazing.
  • Complete digital restoration of photographs and documents

Antique and Contemporary Frames

  • Corner repair, re-gluing, and closing.
  • Replace missing ornamentation, casting new, or carving to match.
  • Repair of cracked or broken plaster.
  • Touch up of missing gold leaf.
  • Full re-gilding (oil sizing or water gild 23k gold).
  • Refinishing of natural wood frames.
  • Custom designed frames and finishes