An affordable custom framing solution – Coming Soon!


Quick turnaround! Because we stock all FrameXpress materials, your framing will be completed in as little as one day.


Big savings! We buy FrameXpress materials in box quantities and from closeouts, passing the discounts onto you.


At Frame Dimensions, Job #1 is to provide you with an awesome framing experience. Our frames will make you happy!

FrameXpress FAQ

What is included?

All FrameXpress packages include: 

  • Your choice of custom frame from our FrameXpress collection
  • Clear Picture Glass
  • Dry mounting on foamcore backing
  • Complete fitting & labor
  • All hanging hardware including a proper size hook for your wall

Can I get a mat or UV filtering glass upgrade?

YES! Upgrades include:

  • Tru Vue Ultraviolet filtering conservation glass
  • Custom cut single or double acid free mat in your choice of colors
  • Glass spacers to provide an airspace under glass where needed

How long does it take?

FrameXpress orders are completed in one week or less. If you need your frame even faster please ask –  we will work around your schedule to meet your deadline. Because we stock FrameXpress mouldings and mats we can complete your framing in as little as one day!

Are FrameXpress projects standard or custom sized?

All materials are custom cut to your order specifications. Standard sized frames are not required.

How much does it cost?

FrameXpress prices vary by size and material. Please stop in with your artwork for an accurate quote.

What is the FrameXpress collection?

FrameXpress mats & frames change all the time. We buy FrameXpress materials in box quantities and from closeouts in order to offer you the best prices, so the selection varies. Stop in to see the latest!

FrameXpress is Easy!

We make framing easy & fun. Visit our West Hartford or Manchester store with the item you would like to frame. One of our designers will show you the FrameXpress mat & frame collection and help you select which frame is right for your project.

Are you very short on time?  No worries, you can quickly drop off your framing project and be on your way. One of our frame designers will create a few options for you to see. You can either stop back to approve the design in-person, or we can create a virtual image of what your art will look like framed and email it to you. For your convenience you can always drop off at one of our stores and pickup at the other.