Larson Juhl Custom Frames

Larson Juhl Online Frame Designer

Upload Your Art + Pick Your Mats + Pick Your Moulding =

See Your Artwork Framed Virtually!

Larson Juhl offers an online interactive design tool that shows you a virtual representation of what your framing will look like! You can upload your own image or browse from thousands of art prints online. Pick your matting color, frame moulding, and more with this easy-to-use designer that makes framing simple and fun.  We’ll help you change these ideas into reality. Our staff can also use framing visualization software at the gallery so you can “see” your project framed.

Prisma Frames

Prisma Frame Visualizer

Choose Your Frame Shape, Color & Pattern + Upload Your Art   =

Create Your Own Unique Frame!

Bella Moulding offers an online interactive design tool that lets you create your very own one-of-a-kind Prisma frame. These frames spill outside the limits of traditional picture framing, offering you unlimited creativity! The designer shows you a virtual representation of what your unique frame will look like. You can upload your own image, choose from 9 frame shapes, 19 patterns, and 46 beautiful colors!  Let us help you create a frame like no other.

Framing Visualization

Virtual Framing at Frame Dimensions

Tired of guessing what your art will look like framed?

Now you can see what it will look like BEFORE you buy it!

Our framing visualization software photographs your art, digitally displays the matting and frame choices around it, and shows you what your piece will look like when it’s framed. No more guessing! The designers at Frame Dimensions will be happy to show you a ‘preview’ of your framed artwork. Using our virtual framing software is simple and it only takes a few minutes. Stop by our gallery to check it out!