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Frame Dimensions represents a number of well respected local and national artists as well as many of the best poster publishers. Please feel free to browse the listings below for information on the artists and publishers we represent.



John Stobart


The second son of a pharmacist and a mother who died giving birth to him, John Stobart was born in Leicester, England on December 29, 1929. Raised by his maternal grandmother and various housekeepers, he showed an early aptitude for creativity but a lack of interest in academic learning. His low grades but apparent flair for drawing persuaded his father to enroll him in Derby College of Art in September, 1946.


Paul Batch

Paul Batch is a young contemporary painter who is developing a reputation for his evocative atmospheric landscapes.  He captures the fleeting and ephemeral light cast by the passing sun or rising moon.  He focuses on transition, painting times of day or changing weather conditions and their dramatic effects upon the natural and uninhabited landscape.  Batch says, “I am drawn to the beauty of transitional moments in time... twilight, a passing storm, the moon rising.  The beauty comes in part from our awareness that these moments are fleeting.”


Batch studied at the Hartford Art School.  He has received numerous awards including a Gold Medal from the Connecticut Plein Air Painters’ Society.  He is an Elected Artist Member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts.  He has given several guest lectures and workshop demonstrations on painting and presently teaches at the West Hartford Art League.  While he draws inspiration from many places, Batch lives with his beautiful wife in Connecticut. 




 Diana Lyn Cote

Using an oil paint medium very much like oversized crayons called Paintstiks®, Diana has perfected an unique application recently dubbed the "Côté Squiggle." She has explored a childlike energy in which she "scribbles" layer upon layer of erratic lines of color directly on the canvas. This eventually leads to a visual weaving of these individual lines into a textural tapestry that is both subtle and richly elegant.

This is especially evident on larger canvases where the application holds equal importance to the study of light.

Understanding the colors that make up the subtle or dramatic effects of light, and applying them in her unique way, is the focus of her journey as an artist. Each minute of the day may change the quality of light on a subject or scene. Capturing these moments is what brings her compositions to life, making them believable or even fantastically real. When looking at every work of art Diana creates, you may think that you can step right into the image, or perhaps, you already have.

Diana has been showing her work for nearly two decades with a diverse following of both corporate and private collectors.




Carol Collette

Carol Collette was born in Toronto, Canada and graduated with honors from the Ontario College of Art there. Her career path took her to Quebec City, where she met her future husband John Collette and in 1968 she moved to his hometown of Boston.

It was in their travels to the major museums of Europe, early in their marriage that they became fascinated by the technique of etching, with its delicacy of detail and richness and variety of tone, and were inspired to direct their art toward the medium of etching.

Upon returning from Europe, Carol began a series of pen and ink sketches of Cape Cod which served as the foundation for her early etchings. Living and working in rural New England, surrounded by familiar and favorite subjects, Carol began working on her etching technique, increasing her knowledge and control over one of the most demanding mediums.




Kerry Hallam

Born and raised in Northern England, Kerry Hallam showed early artistic talent when he won a six year college scholarship to London University. After a formal art education under British master painters Leslie Cole, Patrick Heron and Hans Tisdale, he served in the military in Hong Kong and Malaya.

In 1973 he moved to the United States and, after a brief interlude as a musical performer, dedicated himself to painting. He established his first studio in Boston and in 1981 opened a studio and gallery on Nantucket Island where he continues to spend his summers.

Inspired by the Fauves, Hallam's distinctive color harmonies derive from a bright, pure palette. Exuberant brush work and a lively surface pattern created by skillfully modeled patches of color are evidence of the artist's strong affinity for the 19th century Post-Impressionist painters Cezanne and Van Gogh. Hallam reports that his painting is forever a new adventure and a fresh challenge.